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Are You a Carboholic?

Are You a Carboholic?


Are You A Carboholic?

I was and still am…I am a recovering CARB Addict!

As a teen I worked at the bakery in our local grocery store and that's the year where I went from 120 to 140 due entirely to donuts!

Each time I worked I couldn't stop...I honestly had between 7-10 donuts, muffins, or cookies while working a 3-6 hour shift. It was BAD! This went on for a year.

One summer day I finally took a good look at myself in the mirror and realized I was getting fat, I had back fat! YUCK! By sheer will power and starvation I learned to limit myself to 1 item while working and lost the 20 pounds over about 9 months.

Then it struck again, as a young new home sales woman we would bake and stock our model homes with frozen cookie dough. OM Goddness!!! I couldn't control myself once again. 7 -10 cookies a day!!!

I was soon well on my way to FAT again...

That is about when I heard of Atkins for the first time. So I did it for a month, I didn't lose much weight, but It did break my carbohydrate addiction. I am still a carb addict (once an addict always an addict) and I know where my weaknesses lie. So, like an alcoholic I need to stay far away from temptation. I do not buy things that tempt me. I throw away things that tempt me. I realize when I am out of control and run the other direction. I feel so much better when I am in control and I limit my carbs to about only 4 servings a day and this helps to keep my "carb addiction" problem in check.

Please be aware that "carb addiction" is real. Certain people can not control their carb intake and need to take drastic steps to overcome the addiction (like a no-carb diet) for a period of time. Once the addiction is broken a certain amount of good quality carbs can be added back to their diet.

That is part of the reason why I preach a diet ratio of 30% Carbs - 40% Protein - 30% Fat.

I have also found that the following products help me control my carb cravings:

A delicious high protein lower carb meal replacement shake like UltraMet - my favorite is the chocolate.

Keep up the passion for improvement!

It works if you work it,
Take care and GET BUFF!

xoxoxo~Michelle Berger. Click here to visit Michelle's page!

FemNutrition.com note: You may also want to check out Accelis - it helps control blood sugar levels. When you eat carbohydrates, your pancreas will secrete insulin, which lowers your blood sugar level - the problem is that your body can not metabolize/burn stored bodyfat when insulin is present - insulin promotes the release of the enzyme known as lipoprotein lipase (LPL). LPL prevents fat cells from being broken down. Keeping your blood sugar stable through diet and supplementation can help promote fat loss. Learn more about Accelis here (click).

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Home > FREE Articles & Info! > Are You a Carboholic?

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